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Green ideas work. This is the first point to take into account when making a decision to naturalize your property and replace your lawn with grass. With the wide range of advantages available, it comes as no surprise that many homeowners are replacing their lawns with artificial turf. The most installing artificial grasses have to be so good because of the fact that they’re made to mimic natural grass, giving you all the benefits and none of the problems everyone has experienced with real grass. Not only is it beautiful and realistic, but it’s also convenient, doesn’t need much maintenance, environmentally-friendly, strong enough be withstand use in high traffic areas and more.

. It is an artificial grass that has a long life and beautiful appearance. It also has good drainage, so it’s available to be used in the front yard.It is widely applied for different purposes, such as golf course decoration, residential lawn, playground grass ground cover and backyard landscape decoration. Thus the CC grass is really practical.


A new, varied and exciting concept of constantly created spaces that translates in the original way the functional requirements and value of beauty.

A world of colors and nuances that give life to the walls of our house or office. Finding peace and tranquility watching the sun or moon shining through our walls is impossible, we can measure any view we like, we can create our world with clarity, we can think with colors. We moved to the crystal block made by the artist by his art.
Artisans and sculptors who daily apply their art and knowledge to those who seek beauty, always seeking the best. They are not just crystal blocks or product lines, they are real and belong to projects, shapes, colors, scales and areas that suggest creating unlimited possibilities for chromatic combinations


Jacuzzi hydromassage is unique in that it brings the experience of a high, low-pressure flow. Using specialized Jacuzzi technology, and flexible direction and power, our products bring a personalized feel that you can feel like no other.

Hydrotherapy has various health benefits. The heat itself promotes blood circulation and speeds up the removal of lactic acid, while high blood pressure raises the effects of gravity and removes pressure on the joints to produce pain.


we have a great collection that offers space-efficient bathroom design options , increases the functional space of the bathrooms.

With a quality build to ensure durability and functionality, the Shower Enclosures are great for both residential and commercial applications. The textured surface offers strength, durability, and stain-resistance that will last for years of daily use.


A convenient wudu cleaner for commercial buildings that includes a variety of facilities, including many religious and prayer rooms in offices, schools, hospitals, prisons, public buildings and recreation areas. Wherever Muslims work or visit, the WuduWasher should be included.

When providing a wudu facility, it is important that users and their clothing are not disturbed by gray water, which can reduce the wudu culture. The Wudu washer has been developed in conjunction with purpose-built taps, spouted in a very comfortable wudu area, and water drops are set to reduce leaks. The Wudu washer not only provides the user with a safe and comfortable wudu environment, but also benefits property managers and building managers by protecting the fabric of buildings from damage to water.The pure acrylic design of Wudu washer is durable, attractive to look at, and easy to care for and clean.


Tile Trim effectively finishes the tile for you and is designed to be used on walls, floors and joints between two tiled surfaces. Made from flexible polystyrene, they are fixed by means of a 'leg' which goes behind the edge of the tile to be protected and are fixed in place with the same tile adhesive used to fix the tiles. Available in various formats, Tile Trim Profiles are easy to fit and easy to remove, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, and other working areas.

You should consider using either no spacers, or wider spacers to allow space for the protruding tile. The Tile Trim Profiles typically provide an 'edge' to your tiles.

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